Archaeology KWP (AKWP) aims to provide clients with professional advice, high quality service and a cost effective pricing structure. AKWP provide advice on a range of cultural heritage management services both Historical and Indigenous.

We are committed to developing excellent working relationships with our clients, along with all relevant stakeholders. We work with Government, Industry and Indigenous communities alike to ensure best practice cultural heritage management solutions.

Our values are based on the acknowledgement that Cultural Heritage is unique and irreplaceable, both tangible and intangible, and that all sections of the community place value and respect on their heritage in many different ways.

Keith w patton

Archaeology KWP was established by Keith W Patton (BA Archaeology Hons).
Keith is a professional and experienced archaeologist and Cultural Heritage Advisor, listed by Aboriginal Affairs Victoria (AAV), with nine years’ experience in the cultural heritage industry.
Keith is also a member of the Australian Archaeological Association (AAA) and the Australasian Society for Historical Archaeology (ASHA).

Keith has worked in Victoria, Queensland , Western Australia and Ireland dealing with both Aboriginal cultural heritage and historical sites in a wide range of contexts. These included residential / industrial developments, mining / road / rail projects, gas / water / sewerage pipelines and associated infrastructure.

Jenny Fiddian

Jenny Fiddian, Senior Archaeologist (BA Archaeology Hons), MA (Archaeology).
Jenny has an Honours degree and a Master’s degree in Archaeology, specialising in Aboriginal archaeology. Jenny has worked on a range of excavations, and has 20 years’ experience as an archaeologist. She has gained a wide range of field experience working on both international (including Middle Pleistocene and Early Bronze Age sites in Jordan, and Roman and Hellenistic sites in Lebanon) and Australian Aboriginal sites.

Jenny has a sound understanding of cultural heritage legislation and Heritage Victoria and OAAV procedures and processes, and has authored 150+ Cultural Heritage Management Plans and Due Diligence Assessments.

Archaeology KWP offers a broad range of Cultural Heritage services and expert advice to our clients. We provide a free initial consultation, discuss your requirements, and give advice to ensure our clients receive clear guidance for cultural heritage compliance for your development projects.

We can offer a personalised service thus ensuring cost-effective solutions for small to medium scale developments and community group requirements. We provide services for stakeholder consultation with clients, regulatory agencies, landowners, Registered Aboriginal Parties (RAPs), RAP applicants, Native Title holders Traditional Owners, and all other relevant stakeholders.

Historical Heritage Assessments

AKWP provides archaeological services for background research, survey and archaeological excavation for Historical Cultural Heritage sites, including post-excavation analysis and liaison with relevant government agencies. All services carried out under the Victorian Heritage Act 1995 or relevant state acts as required.

Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Assessments

All Aboriginal archaeological works required for your project including desktop assessments, survey, excavation and post excavation analysis under the Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006. AKWP acknowledge Aboriginal people as the Traditional Owners of the land, their cultural heritage, and their ongoing spiritual and cultural connection to country.

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